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The Bald Princess Book is Finally Here!

The idea for The Bald Princess grew out of my charity. I created Joy to the Kids, Inc. with the intention of bringing joy to children in hospitals, dressed as a princess or some other fun character. I thought that this would be just what they wanted… after all, who doesn’t love a princess? But before long, I became painfully aware that some of the children fighting pediatric cancer were self-conscious around me. More than once, I had girls tell me that they wished they could look just like me, and have hair like mine (which, ironically, was usually an elaborate wig). I realized that what they desperately needed was someone that looks like them – a role model to take away the stigma of being bald, and instead make these kids feel like they are perfect, no matter what they look like. The world needs a bald princess.

And so for the past five years, I have been shaving my head and acting as Princess Joy, the Bald Princess®. Through my non-profit organization, I have the privilege of visiting children in hospitals all over the country spreading the important message: you are perfect, just as you are.

Also for the last five years, my co-author, Tricia O'Neill Politte, and I have been working to create a book that will support this message. It is not an exaggeration to say we have put blood, sweat, and tears into this project! I had no idea what authors go through: too many versions to count, editing and creating and starting over (and over!) again, the research, the expenses, the illustrations, the expenses, the right publisher, (did I mention the expenses?), and the uncertainty... is it really going to happen?

Yes. Yes, it has happened. The Bald Princess Discovers Her Superpower has become a reality.

There has never been a princess like Princess Joy. She is just an ordinary kid who discovers that she has a magical power that can help change the world of Darkness around her. Oh, and she happens to be bald. This book will be the first of its kind, shattering the paradigm of baldness equating sickness and weakness. It will introduce a character that helps children understand that we all possess a special power, a power that comes from within.

This book is not about a child with cancer. Rather, it is a book that emphasizes love and acceptance, and how we are all connected in spite of our differences. Children who have cancer don’t want to be reminded of their illness. They already know far more medical terminology and statistics than any child should. They simply want a role model that looks like them and empowers them. So while the original target audience for this book will be young girls with cancer, we want these kids to realize that they are so much bigger than their diagnosis. The fact that they lose their hair shouldn’t make them feel scared or self-conscious. The message “you are perfect, just as you are” will give these kids a renewed sense of self-love, and the ability to embrace their differences.

The world is full of fairy tales of beautiful princesses with long flowing hair and perfect looks. It is time to create a princess that is bald. With a special power and strong friends to support her, The Bald Princess will appeal to both boys and girls, young and old, and help society as a whole look past appearances and find their own special power through joy – within themselves, and within others.

To learn more, and to purchase your copy, please visit

A portion of the proceeds from every book sold will be donated to help bring JOY to the kids in our hospitals.

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