Who We Serve...

We serve youth in serious times of transition and disruption, most frequently, hospitalized children. Their needs include access to therapeutic play, which encompasses creative, dramatic, and musical play. We meet these needs by working closely with the hospital's child life team, and regularly dispatching our characters (princesses, superheroes, fairytale characters) to deliver magical, joyful experiences. These experiences are full of the types of play that aid in a child's social and emotional development, as well as create feelings of comfort and security. They allow children to process stress and engage in developmentally appropriate activities that may have otherwise been limited by hospitalization.  


We currently collaborate with several hospitals and oncology clinics including INOVA Children’s Hospital, INOVA Loudoun Hospital, Walter Reed Medical Center, and Pediatric Specialists of Virginia. Additionally, we regularly send our character out in support of other child-focused nonprofits including Children’s Hospice International, Make-a-Wish,

The Science Behind it...

We believe in the healing power of joy, and science is on our side. Over 16 studies spanning the last three decades have concluded that happy patients heal faster, and happy patients report feeling less pain and when dealing with chronically hospitalized children, maintaining access to creative and dramatic play, is vital to furthering their social and emotional development.


Our History...

Our founder, Rachel Gray, along with a few volunteers have been faithfully and efficiently executing the mission of Joy to the Kids in the Northern Virginia area for over five years. In 2014 the IRS recognized our efforts and we received our favorable determination letter to officially become a 501(c)(3). Historically, the organization has relied heavily on individual donors for funding. Visiting nearly 600 children in the hospital each year and an additional 1000 children through our partnerships and special events.


Joy to the Kids, Inc

PO Box 4184

Ashburn, VA 20148