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Princess Joy Braves the Shave... Again!

For the second year in a row, our very own Rachel Gray, A.K.A. Princess Joy, The Bald Princess, shaved for a St. Baldrick's Event to raise money for pediatric cancer research.   She was thrilled and honored to have a special guest, "H" (for Harold), visit from out-of state to shave her head.  She dedicated this year's shave to this amazing fearless fighter. 

This year, Rachel tripled her goal to $1444.oo and she is proud to have raised 90% of her goal... and it's not too late to donate!  CLICK HERE to donate to this awesome cause!

'September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Did you know that only 4% of Federal Funding goes to Childhood Cancer?  That's because it is considered "too rare."  And yet, cancer is the #2 cause of death among children ages 1-14.  Joy to the Kids is dedicated to helping raise awareness of this sad fact... it's not cancer that's killing our kids; it's the outdated treatments!  

CUREFEST, Washington D.C, 2016!

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